What went wrong in communicating the Tassie tiger genome paper

The SciComm of the thylacine genome paper broke down in several ways and ultimately led to the dispersal of inaccurate and misleading information. To help clear up the SciComm mess, I spoke to an author on the paper, evolutionary biologist Dr Kieren Mitchell, and Dr Lauren White, a wildlife geneticist and expert in population genetics of Tassie tigers. 

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Fulbright in Florida: Searching for cottonmouths on Seahorse Key

Two weeks ago I moved from Adelaide, South Australia to Gainesville, Florida. It feels pretty weird to pack up my life in Adelaide only to suddenly reverse the gears and rebuild it all again in Gainesville. But one thing that has helped me: the deluge of animals that you can find in Florida.

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A long time in the making but it's finally here! The purpose of this website is combine threads of my life into a nice cohesive bundle, and hopefully a somewhat accurate representation of me! It's an attempt to bring together parts of my life that I once considered to be divergent (comedy, art, biology), but it turns out they have a commonality: me! 

So look forward to hearing about my research, upcoming comedy gigs, bizarre biology facts, and my drawings (gallery coming soon!)